Multiple Sclerosis-Journey Into Hell

Multiple Sclerosis has both a beginning and an end! The beginning was our choice, and likewise the end. We make the daily ultimate choices both good and bad. What will yours be?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The best MS treatment

Dear Lou;

You sir are a “rare” bird indeed, exemplary in your field while always championing the American cause nearly everyday on your program. I commend you for your tenaciousness and civility.

Now to my statement:

I have endured Multiple Sclerosis for over forty years. I must presume, due to a lack of news from my medical brethren which I have waited patiently on for many years; there either exists a certain conspiracy or a voluminous amount of ignorance. Your choice! In either event, I cannot bear the burden any longer. In my blogsite I detailed my beliefs (right or wrong). Now I will reveal my personal treatments (for short).

1. Provigil 200mg. twice per day.

2. Flax oil with Lignan’s (cold pressed) 2 tbsp. Once or twice per day.

3. Morphine 30 mg. (prn) for the CNS pain.

4. Percocet as a secondary

5. Lidoderm patches for site specific pain, itching and spasms.

While I do not guarantee total abatement or cure, an MS patient will normally get relief over time. Each MS case is individualized based upon which areas of the CNS have been affected and how severely. I tried informing the NMSS about my findings years ago, but I was rejected (who‘d a thunk it)! All of this you hear from a guy who was at one time bedridden, paralyzed and nearly brain dead. Additionally, not expected to live much longer.

I have no reason not to believe my treatments will not work for anyone else, as I have done extensive testing and research over the years. In addition, I must give ample credit to my blind wife, who suffered a shotgun blast to the face years ago.
Hang in there Lou, we need you!


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